Welcome, Right to Clean Water Ambassadors!


We're honored you have chosen to speak and take actions on behalf of Florida's Right to Clean Water Campaign.

A few initial checks for anyone collecting signed petitions on behalf of this campaign:

  1. You have registered with the campaign through this form;

  2. You have connected with your Regional Coordinator;

  3. You have watched this video (to the left) along with this playlist of "Training to Unite for Clean Water" videos, and have gotten all your questions answered.

What's next:

That depends on you!  We know that volunteers have varying availabilities, so we're making it easy for everyone:  All you have to do is "stay tuned" with upcoming events, opportunities and alerts -- and let us know when you can help!

If you're registered, you should be receiving weekly updates regarding the campaign's current priorities and needs.  Your Regional Coordinator may also be contacting you with local efforts, so be sure to let them know what you'd like to do and how often!

We have RTCW shirts for volunteers able to go out and help collect signatures, so the sooner you inform your Regional Coordinator, the sooner we can get you the t-shirt and other materials you'll need!

Yes, our operational focus is gathering signatures, so we can qualify for the 2024 ballot (900,000 by November 30th, 2023), but there are many ways you can directly help:



Credit Card


Connect by Sharing

Follow ("see first") our social media posts and share the ones that resonate with you -- not just to your friends but also to like-minded groups that should know about the RTCW!  Let folks know how the RTCW can help with the water issue(s) in their areas!  In fact, write up a Letter to the Editor with your thoughts!

Email your Contacts

Invite friends to learn more and sign a petition!  Invite groups you're affiliated with to join in the effort, at whatever level they're comfortable!  Connect the dots, introduce people and create opportunities for more connection.  Growing the infrastructure is how we'll win.

Petition Logistics

We need help with ensuring our petition circulators have the materials they need when they need it, which will mean our Regional Coordinators will need good information (data) flow and volunteers able to drive to pick things up / drop things off.

We especially need folks able to submit signed petitions to each county's Supervisor of Elections office, so let us know if you can help!

Petition Locations

Know of a place where the business / property owner would like to become a petition location (somewhere folks can go to sign a petition / drop theirs off)?

Larger Funders

If you know someone (who knows someone) able to make a dent in our need to raise millions, please let us know / introduce us so we can help ensure they understand how important their support will be to making this critical effort and necessary constitutional amendment a reality.

Organize an Event

Whether it's a small petition signing event or an intimate fundraising party, or it's a large scale community event for wide-spread awareness, let us know if you can help do the "legwork" of organizing an event so we can start talking about funding, materials, volunteers, food, music and other fun.