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Volunteer as a Right to Clean Water Ambassador!

RTCW Ambassadors

First Step:

There are so many ways to support the needs of the effort!  If you love talking with new people to ask for their signature, AWESOME.  If you don't, AWESOME!  As you'll see in this form (click the button above), you have a large menu of options in how you can support, depending on your time, energy and preferences.

Second Step:

Let your regional coordinator know that you're ready and willing to help, as you were able to explain in your answers.  Your coordinator will be able to connect you with other campaign members in your area and how to best click in.  Keep in mind, we're always looking for leaders with managerial / organizational experience!  :)

Third Step:

This button above will take you to our YouTube channel, which hosts videos that can step you through the basics and FAQs of the amendment AND campaign operations (to include petitioning and outreach).  You can also find lots of information on this website (see the FAQ on the home page) and social media.

No matter HOW you choose to help, you will forever be a part of one of Florida's most important LEGACY EVENTS.

Your support will make this #WatershedMoment into a point of history where Floridians rose above and beyond divisions and differences to unite in a most fundamental common cause:



Thank you for volunteering!

Links & File Shares

Feel free to download and share these files to help spread awareness and invite support for the cause!

New Ambassadors! 


Listen to this introduction to the Florida Right to Clean Water initiative -- why we need a constitutional amendment and how it will help solve Florida's systemic water problems.

This link will take you to the Training to help "Unite for Clean Water" video playlist on our YouTube channel, which includes insights and considerations for petition collectors, county captains and more!

This is a NARRATED slide show to help ambassadors become familiar with presenting these concepts to organizations and others interested.  When you feel ready, contact Joe Bonasia to join advanced training for speakers / presenters! 

This is a one-pager (pdf) identifying and describing twelve points of failure, with references, demonstrating why systemic problems require a systemic solution.

Print off quick and simple trifolds to hand out.  Be sure to let us know about your expenses (contributions to the campaign)! 

This form is for regional coordinators, county captains and key ambassadors who have the ability and authority to submit petitions to SOEs.

If you are a key ambassador (authorized to submit stacks of signed petitions to the Supervisor of Elections), you'll need this.

This is a simple "poster" flyer handy for petitioners, businesses or other supporting organizations to put on tables (with presentation backing), walls or windows.

This is a flyer that provides more overview and information about the constitutional amendment and campaign itself, to include number objectives and benchmarks.

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