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Businesses can support Florida's Right to Clean Water 

RTCW Ambassadors

Businesses have a direct and continuing interest in the condition of Florida's waters, especially in such economic engines as fishing / water recreation, ecotourism, tourism, restaurants, lodging, and other markets catering to both residents and visitors.

Similarly, farmers need clean water to thrive.  Communities need clean water to grow.  All other businesses need employees who need clean water to drink.  

Clean water is a fundamental need for all lives and livelihoods, so it isn't a surprise to see businesses stepping up to support however they can.  

In addition to various means of supporting by helping to grow awareness and directly supporting campaign operations, businesses with a physical building can dedicate a certain corner or counter space to be a "RTCW Petition Location" -- a place where people can swing by to sign / drop off their petition.  

Once registered as a Petition Location, we will be able to promote businesses as such on all available platforms.  

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