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Nonprofits can support Florida's Right to Clean Water 

RTCW Ambassadors

Nonprofits, especially those exempt under IRS Code 501(c)(3), are sometimes hesitant to support "political activities" that can include petitioning for a citizen initiative to amend the Florida Constitution.

If nonprofits support clean water, however, they should be aware of all the many ways to support Florida's Right to Clean Water, without risking their exemption status or other concerns.

There are many resources available online, to include information published by such organizations as Bolder Advocacy (with whom we have no affiliation), that spell out the spectrum of options nonprofits have.

Reach out to any of the nonprofits that are current supporters of the Florida Right to Clean Water effort to check out how they're managing to support, such as the Florida League of Women Voters and various waterkeepers throughout the state.

At a minimum, you're able to educate your members and followers on the issue in general.  We're happy to support this greater awareness in whatever way you wish.

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