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How much is clean water worth to you?

For many of us, Florida waters have shaped much of our identity.  They refresh our souls, connect us with something greater, bring us the peace and serenity we all crave.  For others, it is a source of bountiful fish and other wildlife, a place of cherished memories and recreation.  And, zooming out, we all know that Florida is the "land of water," where major economic engines depend on accessing or just being near clean and healthy waters.

We know the widespread, systemic problems and we're offering a sound, effective solution.  Now, we need your help to make it happen.

Why invest your time and money in Florida's Right to Clean Water?

  • The amendment language has been exhaustively researched and carefully drafted to specifically survive 1) Florida Supreme Court review, 2) post-enactment challenges and 3) legislative or executive branch attempts to undermine it.  See our FAQ section and videos discussing these points.


  • We have the campaign infrastructure; we just need your help to power the machine.  We have a trained and equipped organization of volunteers in each region of Florida, but printing out and shipping blank petitions costs money, as do t-shirts, signs and handout materials for our volunteers.

HELP US GROW & SUCCEED by stepping up however you can today.

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