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Centering on Stewardship

The Florida Right to Clean Water campaign will be coordinating with communities and individuals of faith, traditions and perspectives to reflect on the importance of stewardship -- responsibly caring for Florida's waters.

The effort kicks off September 1st and culminates on Thanksgiving, November 24th, to mark our season of gratitude and spiritual, soul-level connections with Florida's lifeblood.

Our kickoff event, Environmental Stewardship: Our Role and Responsibilities, took place on Thursday, Sept 1st and hosted a myriad of voices on the issue of good stewardship.  We were fortunate to hear from environmental scientists and advocates statewide, along with perspectives of faith and tradition.  Also interwoven in the event, beautiful poetry that helps us re-center on what is important.  From one attendee's feedback: "That was possibly the most worthwhile 2 hours I have spent on Zoom since 2020."

Around the globe, diverse religious groups are rising in support of environmental sustainability and justice. Fletcher Harper, a leader of the global religious-environmental movement, will share examples of belief in action for the planet and describe why that matters for efforts to protect Floridians' right to clean water.

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