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Regional Operations

Regional Coordinators support County Captains and other key ambassadors to ensure everyone has what they need (which includes recruiting, training, resourcing, and organizing support) to accomplish the mission.

Would you like to

  • mail or drop off your (stack) of signed petitions to someone for further processing?

  • check to see what event or opportunity is coming up you can volunteer for?

  • talk to someone in your region about any aspect of the campaign?

Contact your Regional Coordinator!

Northwest FL - position vacant - Contact if you'd like to step up!

North FL - David Moritz (

Northeast FL - Nana Royer (

West Central FL - Liz Lindsay (

East Central FL - Tom Perez (

Southwest FL - Joe Bonasia (

Treasure Coast - Paula McClease (

Broward - Victoria Olson (

Miami-Dade - Ruth Valenzuela (

Keys (Monroe) - Ciera Cox (

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