"The Right to Clean and Healthy Waters"

A grassroots citizens' initiative to amend the Florida Constitution

To count toward our 900,000 signature goal, we need to ensure your printed out, filled out, signed and dated petition reaches our campaign headquarters before we deliver it to your county's supervisor of elections.  It's a lengthy process, but that's the way it works!

On the left, you'll find the full text of the amendment.  Review the FAQ or contact us if you have any questions or concerns about what terms mean or how it may affect you or your community.  If you can, please print out extra blank petitions for other registered voters in your friends and family circles, and either mail it to us or let us know!  We may have a volunteer in your area that could pick up your petitions!

If you're interested in helping us collect even more petitions, THANK YOU!!!  We so need that inspired, grassroots dedication throughout the state to make this happen.  Please coordinate with your regional director as soon as possible.  (See our Volunteer page!)

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What does the petition say?

read the full text here

We want to make sure you know what it says and what it does before you sign the petition to qualify it for a ballot initiative.  Be sure to check out both pages and the FAQ and contact us if you have any questions!

Image by Christophe LE BELLER

Here's the blank petition form:

please print out, fill out and mail out to


(Political Committee)

13300 S Cleveland Ave, Ste 56
Fort Myers, FL 33907