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Southwest Florida

Regional Coordinator:  Joseph Bonasia

Deputy Regional Coordinator:  Gary Robbins

Welcome to our regional page!  I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you in support of this incredibly important cause!  If you have any questions, feedback or great ideas, please contact me!

Below, you'll find our by-county breakdown of goals.  Click here to see the latest (redistricted) map of congressional districts.

As I'm sure you know, collecting and verifying 900,000 signatures is no walk in the park.  It will take time, effort, sacrifice and dedication from as many clean water Floridians as possible.  But we can do this.  We will do this.  Because we must do this.

Northwest FL: Image
Northwest FL: Files

Charlotte County

Trigger review:  2,340

Qualify for ballot:  9,359

Collier County

Trigger review:  4,187

Qualify for ballot:  16,748

DeSoto County

Trigger review:  255

Qualify for ballot:  1,018

Glades County

Trigger review:  104

Qualify for ballot:  418

Hendry County

Trigger review:  260

Qualify for ballot:  1,041

Lee County

Trigger review:  7,935

Qualify for ballot:  31,741

Manatee County

Trigger review:  4,366

Qualify for ballot:  17,465

Sarasota County

Trigger review:  5,447

Qualify for ballot:  21,789

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