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A three-month grassroots, organized effort to meet our 223k goal by March 1st

If you are a nonprofit, a business, an individual or a group of like-minded friends, and you want to make a direct contribution to this cause, the time is NOW.

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In order to accomplish our mission, we have to start with the end in mind and work backwards.  Vision:  Over 60% of Florida voters elect to amend our constitution in 2024 with the fundamental right to clean water.  To qualify for the ballot, we need over 900k printed and signed petitions verified by county Supervisors of Elections, submitted by November 30th, 2023.  To trigger Florida Supreme Court review in a timely manner and maintain a solid timeline of operations, we need to hit 223k signatures by March 1st, 2023This is objectively a tall order, but if Floridians truly want this, Floridians will make it happen.

Campaign operations in brief:

  • The Florida Right to Clean Water campaign is divided up into six regions:  Northwest, North, West Central, East Central, Southwest and Southeast.  Check out this page to see which counties are in which regions, and don't hesitate to contact your regional coordinator if you have any questions or concerns (or thoughts or ideas).  If and when you register for this effort, your regional coordinator will be in contact with you.

  • When you connect with your regional coordinator, you'll get a run-down of what to expect:  How the campaign will be providing you with communications and logistical support, who else will be part of the Unite for Clean Water effort in your area (so you can combine forces / synchronize as you'd like), etc.  They'll also ensure you have access to all the training and information you need for successful efforts.

  • When you feel comfortable and ready to go, you are encouraged to take the initiative in whatever event or effort you believe is helpful to achieve our signature goals.  To note, every county has its own numbers, but 1) more-active counties may have to help less-active counties, and 2) concentration of time and energy may depend on what the congressional district map looks like, whenever that gets determined.

  • In order to give ALL participants the most up-to-date, accurate picture of where we are (in numbers) and how far we have to go, we ask that every person / business / organization responsible for collecting signatures submits a weekly report (if you have something to report, of course).  Your regional coordinators and county / area captains will have access to these reports in order to keep an eye on the latest numbers. 

So, friends, that's how it'll work!  We provide the structure and support, you pick up this ball of opportunity and run with it.  This is where we're putting our trust and confidence in our fellow Floridians, and -- knowing how much we all love and need our waters in this beautiful state, we believe we can all make this happen -- together.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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