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The Florida Right to Clean Water campaign is dynamic and growing.

We will be highlighting events we're either hosting or tracking that will help spread awareness, understanding and support for this initiative.  Please follow us on social media for timely notifications about an upcoming event you might be interested in!

If you'd like real-time information about how volunteers near you are organizing, you can register to become part of this initiative in an active, incredibly important way.

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  1. In case you missed it, watch the All-Call to Action virtual press event here!  Special guests include Maya van Rossum of Green Amendments for the Generations, and various "voices of Florida" speaking from their respective areas of expertise:

    • Blair Wickstrom, Sr Editor of Florida Sportsman Magazine, who

    • recently penned his own call to action for support of the initiative;

    • Beam Furr, Broward County Commissioner;

    • Charlie Andrews, farmer and owner of Hammock Hollow Farm;

    • Jane West, legal and policy analyst on smart growth and comprehensive development planning;

    • Laurilee Thompson, owner of Dixie Crossroads restaurant and experienced advocate in tourism, ecotourism and commercial fishing industries;

    • Paul Arsenault, Artist (painter);

    • John Cassani, Calusa Waterkeeper Emeritus; and

    • Gil Smart, Executive Director of VoteWater.

  2. Ambassador meetings this month will be Thursday, Mar 9th and 23rd, 6pm EST.  Receive your Zoom link invitation to these important discussions by registering with the effort.

Regional / Local Events

Check out our Facebook Events page here!  If you'd like to ensure your regional coordinator knows about events or opportunities not listed, please be sure to email them!  Their email addresses are listed here.  

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