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Anglers for the Right to Clean Water

In 1994, Florida anglers organized to help pass the last successful grassroots citizens' initiative to amend the Florida Constitution.

There are more legislated obstacles in our way this time, but it is STILL possible to accomplish!

Grab your fishing buddies and get started:

  1. Make sure everyone you know has signed and sent in their petition.

  2. Get your favorite bait & tackle shop to become a Petition Location (a place where folks can swing by and sign / drop off their petitions).

  3. If you have a couple hours every now and then, volunteer to help collect petitions at your club meetings, on the fishing pier, wherever people are.

  4. If you can't volunteer, consider donating!

  5. Most importantly for the sake of this cause, share this call to action out with everyone you know.  Learn more about it.  Talk about it.  Raise awareness and understanding of why and how this initiative is so critical to saving and protecting our fisheries for future generations.

Congratulations to Captain Tony Nesbitt of Great Daye Fishing Charters for submitting this winning entry in the Florida Fins & Frames Fish Pic Tournament!

Check out these compelling reasons why so many anglers support the Florida Right to Clean Water initiative: 
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