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Welcome to the RTCW Blog!

And welcome to the start of the 2026 Florida Right to Clean Water citizens' initiative!

Check out what to expect this year:

The Amendment. What's changed? Here's a quick overview.

The Campaign. What's different? Lots of things:

  • With a big focus on fundraising, we will be working with with professional fundraisers and campaign consultants (some of whom will be working pro bono), in order to fund a direct mailing / paid petitioning effort.

  • We will have an Executive Advisory Committee to continue building momentum and to advise on campaign priorities and the best use of time and resources.

  • Building on the previous campaign's incredible work by volunteers, our processes and communications will be even more user friendly and useful.

  • We will maintain continuity of operations through weekly meetings (of the "Big 3" -- fundraising, marketing, and petitioning operations) and monthly training and all-state ambassador events.

  • We will be maintaining databases to track all signed petitions to prevent redundancy / waste of resources when reaching out to potential signers.

  • We will be tracking AND PUBLISHING the latest count of signed petitions and funds raised (by-county, by-region) and the individuals and organizations who have committed to get 100 / 1,000 / 5,000 signed petitions in 2024! This *friendly competition* will prove to be a motivator for many. NOTE: 9-yr old Addisyn from Brevard County was able to collect over 1,000 petitions this last round, by herself, so -- let's GO, Florida!

You can review the slides that were presented at the Pre-launch Event here.

Here's how YOU can be part of this:

Learn how you can support this campaign here! (Whether you're a leader, organization, governmental entity, or someone who can help share on social media!)

Learn how you can volunteer for the campaign here! (You can help collect or process signed petitions, or help from home to raise awareness, support, and/or donations!)

Not sure yet but want to understand more? Click here for the FL RTCW Campaign Handbook.

Closing Thoughts

Many things have changed this time around, but the important things haven't. We are hitting the ground running with a preexisting statewide infrastructure of support across political parties, across communities, across beliefs, and across industries, so it's just a matter of organizing all the energy into tangible results. That's our job, and we welcome you to this momentous endeavor.

One very important thing has NOT changed: The DIRE NEED for systemic change to effectively protect Florida's waters, as soon as possible. We must save what we have

left and set up future generations as best we can. It's our duty -- a moral imperative.

There's much more to talk about and get into, so sign up and stay tuned!

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