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Something everyone can do:

  • In addition to signing your own petition, print out a few (dozen) more for your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and fellow members of groups / communities you're in!

  • Subscribe to receive important news on email and follow us on social media!  Share posts with your networks when you can.

  • Help connect your group (interested in learning more) with the campaign!  Just email

Are you a leader / influencer / candidate for office?

Use your platform and voice to activate potential signers and supporters in your following -- for the good of Florida's waters:

Are you a business or group with a physical location?

If you have space, you can directly promote success of this initiative by registering as a Petition Location, where folks can sign / drop off their petitions.  Register here:

Are you an organization (inc. 501c3s & businesses)?

There are numerous ways Supporting Organizations can educate and inspire your following toward answering this critical call to action.

Are you part of a local government entity?

The more official entities review and endorse this approach as a good thing for Florida, the more you can help build awareness and support for this important opportunity.

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